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21 Nov.,2022


uses of compressed air

Air compressor machine uses and hire rates

Air compressors convert normal air into denser and high pressurised air for different uses under three classifications: consumer, professional, and industrial.

1. Air Compressors for Construction

Construction sites use large air compressors to power drills, hammers, and compactors. Power from compressed air is essential on remote sites without reliable access to electricity, petrol and diesel as compressed air provides uninterrupted power.

2. Air compressors for Manufacturing

Rotary screw equipment ensures that food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing deliver clean, contaminant-free, and tightly sealed products. Rotary screw equipment can simultaneously power the conveyor belts, sprayers, presses, and packaging.

3. Air Compressors for Agriculture

Tractors, sprayers, pumps, and crop conveyors are powered by air compressors to complete the farming and agriculture operations. Dairy farm and greenhouse ventilation machinery also require compressed air that distributes steady and clean air.

4. Air Compressors for Engines

Vehicle engines contain air compressors for heating and cooling, as well as in air brakes for larger trucks and trains. Compressed air also runs many theme park rides.

5. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Air and heat pump systems of HVAC units usually have rotary screw models built in. Rotary screw models conduct vapour compression refrigeration that entails compressing air vapours, raising the temperature, and modulating the all-important refrigerant cycles.

6. Air Compressors for Spray Painting

Small air compressors are used in spray painting by powering airbrushes for personal and commercial use. Airbrushes range from delicate desktop brushes for artists to larger brushes for repainting vehicles.

7. Energy Sector

Oil drilling relies on air compressors for functionality in the energy sector. Safe and dependable air compressed drilling equipment in oil rig operations is imperative to the safety of the crew. Air compressed oil drilling equipment is unique with their spark-free delivery and stable outputs.

8. Air Compressors for Pressure Washing

Compressed air is used to pump high pressured water through pressure cleaners and water blasters for more effective cleaning of concrete floors and brickwork, stain removal, and engine bay degreasing for pressure cleaning.

9. Inflating

Air compressor pumps can be used to inflate vehicle and bicycle tyres, balloons, air beds, and other inflatables with compressed air.

10. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is reliant on compressed air with the use of tanks that store pressurised air allowing divers to stay underwater for longer.

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