Sandvik Tunneling Jumbos, Sandvik DT912D, Tunneling Jumbos

23 Nov.,2022


jumbo drilling rig

Increase Efficiency & Revenue with Sandvik Tunneling Jumbos

It’s no secret that having the very best equipment in your possession will reap the benefits of hard work and productivity from your workforce while providing consistent results. Our range of tunneling jumbos is designed to assist and enhance the process all the way through, providing ease of use for your team while providing effortless results that make our machines stand out. We put those that operate our tunneling jumbos firmly at the forefront of our design process, ensuring they can get to grips with the machinery quickly without the drawn-out learning curve. We simplify this process and help you take advantage of the consistent results it provides, directly impacting your revenue with a smarter approach to underground mining.

Not only is usability high on the agenda but safety is a top priority, and we have developed our tunneling jumbos, such as the Sandvik DT912D series and more, to execute their primary function in the safest manner. There are no compromises when it comes to tunneling safety and Sandvik tunneling jumbos uphold our core value of safety. Choosing our tunneling jumbos for safe and efficient underground work provides your team with another of our revolutionary innovations, born from our R&D center that knows exactly the challenges you face daily. Designed to be robust, stable, and extremely powerful, our tunneling jumbos, such as the Sandvik DT912D with its superior drilling and high-reach single boom, providing advanced solutions that blend manual and automated processes. The inclusion of an intelligent control system makes operation more efficient, accurate and safe, keeping costs low and revenues high.

Find out more about Sandvik tunneling jumbos by contacting us today. Learn more about how we can provide products and solutions that bring digitalization into your existing excavation, mining and tunneling processes helping boost profitability for the future.