Jinan Fucheng Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd

23 Nov.,2022


jumbo drilling rig

FC10-1BDG Drilling jumbo is mainly used to drill blast holes for tunneling constructions in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. This series runs by track wheels, can work in miles with the track. It uses all hydraulic drive system, with high efficiency and speed which can be 0.8-2 m/min. The advanced hydraulically controlled drilling system, which is safe and easy to operate, incorporates the auto-stop and anti-jamming function, auto-stop at end-point, auto-wash. This jumbo has a small body, runs with the rail. Working with electric motor can improve the working environment a lot, reduce the noise, dust and energy consumption. The flexible hydraulic rock drill can work on the section, roof, side and floor. The jumbo can not only drill blast hole, according to the the basis of section, it also can drill bolt hole conveniently with our patent impeller.