J&B Solar

23 Nov.,2022


dth machine

  • Auger Cast Piling- J&B is a full-service solution provider for complex conditions. In soils where caving and water are a problem (coastal construction) Continuous Flight Auger Piles are a great solution. Auger Cast In Place Piles (ACP or CFA) utilizes a full length hollow stem continuous flight auger drilled into the ground. After the continuous flight auger reaches the specified depth, grout is then pumped through the hollow stem as the continuous flight auger is withdrawn from the hole leaving a hole filled without contaminating the grout with caving material, soil cuttings or water. Reinforcing steel is then quickly placed into the grout whilst still in a fluid state to the specified depth. Auger cast piles can provide a quick alternative where casing or drilling fluid cannot get the job done.