HW916 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

23 Nov.,2022


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HW916 Separated DTH Surface Drill Rig

Applicable working conditions

In down-the-hole drilling a drill rod is fitted with a hammer at its lower end. 

The hammer, which is mounted on the drill bit, is activated through the addition of compressed air and driven into the ground – simultaneously rotating and impacting. 

This method is mainly applied for hard to very hard rock and/or for penetrating large boulders.

Main feature:

1. It is designed for drilling 90-127mm.

2. Diesel powered down-the-hole (DTH) rigs have excellent maneuverability, smaller footprint and the ability to serve multiple locations.

3. HW-916 is a trusted machine for mining and construction companies and contractors engaged in presplitting and conventional production blasthole drilling.


ModelHW916Power (KW)59
Drilling diameter (mm)φ90-127Maximum torque (Nm1950
Propulsion (kN)15
Lifting force (kN)25Shipping Dimensions (mm)5700*2130*2200

This product is continuously improved as technology advances. The difference between the parameters and the actual product is subject to the actual product.

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