Face drill rigs (Jumbos)

23 Nov.,2022


jumbo drilling rig

Boomer underground jumbo drill rigs have a variety of automation features available. The Dynamic Tunneling package (DTP) is a software feature which lets the drill rig create custom made drill plans directly at the face of the tunnel. The rig operator downloads the tunnel contour to the drill rig together with a drill rule file, and the drill rig generates its own drill plans. This eliminates the need for going back and forth with drill plans between the office and the drill rig. The drill plan is created for the specific tunnel segment, which results in higher precision in the tunnel development.  Certain products are customized by adding automated functions such as adding drill rods or changing drill bits. To maintain precision and safety, features like automatic leveling and drill stop protection are also integrated. Our Rig Control System (RCS) enables teleremote operation with a control panel that monitors local sensors and cameras. The operator can be located in a control room on safe distance from hazardous areas.