DTH Drilling Rigs

23 Nov.,2022


dth machine

KQTG-150 Down-The-Hole drilling drig offers excellent fuel efficiency, improved safety and higher productivity in challenging rock conditions, which is used for production drilling applications in surface mining, as well as large-scale quarry applications. Specially designed for sub level stoping, this drilling equipment greatly improves production efficiency.

This mining equipment is designed with DTH hammer to impact and fracture rock, ensuring high drilling speed. 360° (±180°) rotation provides large drilling coverage, and the drilling depth can reach up to 100m. What's more, the DTH drilling rig can be expandable to drill holes for radial cable bolting, and also for shaft drilling. This provides improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Designed wtih travel reducer and separated operation platform, the multi-functional rock drilling machine comes with small footprint, high working efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.