Automated Packaging Machines

30 Nov.,2022


Liquid Packing Machine

When it comes to packaging the products, K-Flex has the best packaging options. For  center fitment pouches, the best machine to use is the SN: Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal, which has the fastest speeds and highest efficiencies in the industry. The corner fitment pouch, can be run either on the SN: Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal packaging machine or the PSG LEE, which is designed for premade pouches. For trays and cups, the CA.VE.CO. Tray Sealing machine is best because it locks in the product airtight and does not let anything in or out, keeping the product safe from outside contamination. Lastly, stickpacks / sachets are filled using multilane vertical Form-Fill-Seal machines. Stickpacks and sachets are a great option for single use, on the go consumers.